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Most Frequently Asked Questions can be found below:

How do I power on the Device?

Press and Hold the PLAY button for 3 seconds. If device isn’t powering on please recharge it. Before trying again.

Do you have a phone/device compatibility list?

The EKGraph and SonoHealth app work with the majority of smartphones out there. The list would be too long to list but if your phone/device can run the SonoHealth App, and has  bluetooth functionality then it is compatible

My device isn't syncing to my mobile app?

For the app to sync with the EKGraph device, you need to have a ECG recording saved on the device. Here’s how you can make your first recording.

How do I email my doctor my ECG results?

Once you’ve recorded an ECG. From the Home dashboard, select the ECG recording you’d like to email. Click here to see example.

If you have a question not seen above please ask it below by leaving a comment and we will add to our FAQs!


  1. I ordered several weeks ago. I now notice it says released for delivery in April 15.

    What’s up with that?

    How did you get all 5 stars on 79 reviews if it hasn’t shipped.

    1. Hi Bob,

      Prior to your pre-order, we sold and shipped over 2,000 units. The demand was so high that we ran out of stock before receiving our next production batch.

      That is why we are offering pre-orders. As soon as we receive the next batch of units we’re shipping them right out.

      If you need more help please reach out to us directly!

      1. It’s August 27, 2019.Has the manual been published and ready for customer order? I like the device and so does my physician but we both need more information regarding use.

  2. My ECGraph has been working well as a stand alone unit.

    I showed my Doctor the unit today while I was having an AFIB/Tachycardia in her office. She was shocked at the graph as it was captured and was really shocked when I converted myself and dropped from 122bpm to 51bpm right in front of her with 2 captures one right after the other about 60 seconds apart.

    Great job, guys !

    1. Hi Sal,

      EKG and ECG is the same interchangeable term that stands for “electrocardiogram”

    1. The EKGraph has internal rechargeable battery. Battery lasts from 75-200 recordings depending on the recording time, and usage.

  3. After syncing the recordings to your phone and you then want to clear the readings from the recording device, do the readings only clear from the recording device and still remain on your phone?

    1. YES. That is correct. Clearing recordings on the EKGraph will not delete any synced recordings. You will still have the recordings on your phone.

      And same vice-versa. Deleting an EKG on your app will not delete the EKG on the EKGraph.

    1. Sorry, at the moment we’re not FSA or HSA approved.

    1. As of now there is no official multi-user support, but 2 or more people can most certainly can use it!

      1. The ability for both me and my wife to use one device (with different accounts) would be a great addition. Us both using the same device and account may confuse whose readings are whose. Does not seem like it would be too difficult to create a multi user feature in the app and maybe have to resync Bluetooth between our separate phones.

    1. Hi Steve, you can store an unlimited number of recordings on the SonoHealth App!

  4. How do I make the readout bigger? It’s very flat; too flat to see the various waves.

  5. How long do I keep the unit in contact with my skin? 10 second? That will give me one line, seems I see four lines in most of the demo pictures. Is that from the various contact points on the body?

    Thank you

  6. How do I determine if the device will work with my pacemaker?

    Pacemaker is a St. Jude PM2240

  7. Do you have an API for third-party applications to use the data?

  8. I just installed the new app and like most features except for when I view the tracing after syncing with my iPhone. The old view showed a nice 30 sec strip that would run across the screen. The new tracing bounces all over the place and I need to try to stretch it into the right size in order to view it. The previous way was much better. If I select Print Preview, that is much easier to view. Thanks

  9. I cannot reset my password and your site won’t open up when I click on it, please advise.

  10. How do I change the date in the app? The recording date defaults to January.

  11. How do I change the date in the app? The recording date defaults.

  12. can this device be used if you have a pacemaker

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