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Clearing EKG History

Clearing/Deleting EKGs inside the App.

To delete recordings inside the SonoHealth app press and wipe a recording to the LEFT.

A DELETE button will appear on the right. Click the button to remove that EKG from the app.

Swipe a recording to the LEFT.
Press the DELETE button.

Clearing EKG History on the EKGraph

To clear EKG history stored on the EKGraph device open the SonoHealth app and navigate to Menu > Settings > Clear Memory

Before pressing the Clear button your EKGraph must be powered on and nearby.

NOTE: EKGraph must be turned ON and nearby.

WARNING: This action is irreversible. Once you click the clear button ALL the data on the device will be gone.

Press Clear Memory (EKGraph must be turned on)


Updated on February 1, 2019

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