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Using Desktop Software (Windows / Mac)

In addition to using EKGraph with your smartphone, you can also use it with your desktop/laptop computer.

In this tutorial we will explain how to get install and get set up with desktop software.

First you need to download and install the corresponding software. (Windows or Mac)

Download Desktop Software

Click the corresponding link below to download and install desktop software on you computer. You need to be on the desktop that you are going to install the software on.

Once downloaded unzip the file and run the appropriate installable file (.exe for windows and .dmg for mac)

Windows Software (Version 2.4.1)
MacOS Software (Version 2.3)

Installing Desktop Software

Installing our software is like installing any other program on your computer.

Follow the on screen instructions to install the corresponding software.

Syncing EKG data with Software

Once installed run the software. Name of software in WINDOWS: PM10 in MAC: Portable ECG Monitor

Important: Connect your EKGraph via USB cable to your computer.

Mac Software will detect the device upon connection.

In Windows you will have to click the “NEW SEARCH” button after you connect.

Once connected you will see data under the Download Tab.

NOTE: You must have recordings saved in your EKGraph in order to download/sync them to your App.

If you don’t see any data click the “ALL” button.

Next You can either select the recordings you’d like to download or you can download all.

After download is complete navigate to the MANAGE tab to view your recordings.

Under the manage tab you find all the download EKG reports.

To view a report you can do one of the following:
1) Double Click on it
2) Highlight it with one 1 Click then click the REVIEW button.

Once you open an EKG recording you can view all the details.

Double Click anywhere on the EKG area to go back to the Downloaded list area.

Updated on January 19, 2019

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