Onboarding and Syncing your new EKGraph device with the SonoHealth App should be straight forward and simple.

However, if you are having trouble synchronizing below are some suggestions how to to connect and sync your EKGraph device with the SonoHealth Application.

Solution 1

Make sure Bluetooth is TURNED ON on your phone or device. (EKGraph bluetooth is always ON)

Solution 2

Power ON the EKGraph right as you’re pressing the sync button on your phone. You can even delay powering on the EKGraph. First press the SYNC in the app and 1 second later power on the EKGraph.

Solution 3

It may take a few tries for an initial sync. After the initial Onboarding, syncing will be much smoother.

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Modified on: Sat, 21 Oct, 2023 at 2:22 PM