Congratulations on acquiring your new EKGraph from SonoHealth! This guide will help you get started quickly and easily. To make it easier for you to navigate we broke down the major steps into categories.


  1. Powering On your EKGraph Device
  2. Recording your first EKG / ECG
  3. Installing the SonoHealth App
  4. Installing Desktop Software (Windows or Mac)
  5. Pairing Device with App
  6. Syncing Device with App
  7. Viewing an EKG Report
  8. Printing an EKG Report
  9. Emailing an EKG Report
  10. Deleting EKG reports

Powering On your EKGraph Device

Powering on your EKGraph device is very simple. Simply Press and Hold the PLAY button for 3 Seconds. The LCD screen will light up and the Device will be Ready to record and EKG.  


PROBLEM: The EKGraph is not powering on even after holding the play button for over 3 seconds. 

SOLUTION #1: You may not be pressing the power button hard enough. EKGraph was designed to not power on by accident. You may not be pressing hard & long enough.

SOLUTION #2: Device my have a low battery. Please charge your device and try again. 

SOLUTION #3: Unplug device from Charging. Device will not power on while being charged.

SOLUTION #4: Reset the device by holding the power/play button for 10 seconds. Device will reset and restart and should power back up. If that doesn't help please contact us.

Recording your first EKG / ECG

Once Powered On, you will see a flat EKG line on the LCD screen. This means your EKGraph is Ready to Record an EKG. To record a proper "clean" EKG you will need to place your wrists on a flat surface such as a table.


Rest the extremities (hands, feet, chest) that you are recording on a flat surface.

Place your palms or fingers firmly (but not too tight) against the metal sensors located on the left and right side of the device. You will start seeing an ORANGE wave form tracing line. 

This means the device is establishing connection and stabilizing your reading. Continue holding your hands or fingers on the device. In a few seconds the tracing line will become GREEN

This means that the EKG recording has as started and the device is counting down time. Your first recording will be 10 seconds long. Once the 10 seconds are up the EKGraph will show you an immediate EKG analysis. 

You now recorded your FIRST ever EKG on the EKGraph! 


PROBLEM:EKGraph not recognizing my hands, fingers, etc. Your hands/fingers may be too dry and the EKGraph cannot establish a signal. Another problem can be that your hands or device sensors are covered with oil.

SOLUTION: Wipe your hands/fingers and the EKGraph sensors with an alcohol wipe or wet towel.

PROBLEM: The EKG tracing line stays ORANGEand cannot finish recording an EKG.

SOLUTION #1: You may not be still enough. Try to keep steady. Press firmly but NOT too hard. Rest your Hands on a table if necessary.

SOLUTION #3:See Above: EKGraph not recognizing my hands, fingers, etc

TIP: Your first EKG should be a TEST

It is recommended that you Sync the EKGraph with the SonoHealth App so EKGraph will update it's date and time to your local time zone

Installing the SonoHealth App

You can install the SonoHealth on a Bluetooth enabled iOS or Android device (Phone/Tablet/iPod) Click the appropriate link below to download and install the SonoHealth App.

Installing Desktop Software

Click the corresponding link below to download and install desktop software on you computer. You need to be on the desktop that you are going to install the software on. Desktop Software Compatibility:

  • Windows - Win 7 / 8 / 10
  • MacOS 10.12 or later

[ht_message mstyle="alert" title="" show_icon="true" id="" class="" ]NOTE: You must connect the EKGraph via USB to your computer, in order to sync data.[/ht_message]

Click Here for more details on Desktop Software. The rest of the Guide is focused on connecting the EKGraph with the App. 

Pairing Device with App

Once you downloaded and installed the SonoHealth App, you will need to open the app and click the REGISTER button. Registration are a one time thing but are required.

Once register you will automatically be sent to the device pairing screen.

You will have to follow the on screen instructions. This is the order:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone.
  2. Power On the EKGraph.

TIP: For easier pairing, keep the EKGraph powered down until the app prompts you to turn it on.

Syncing Device with App

Once the app is paired you will see a SYNCHRONIZE button.

Click the button to download reports from the EKGraph.

iOS/Apple Sync Button
Android Sync Button

Downloaded EKGs will appear on the home screen.

Downloaded EKGs will appear on app home screen.

NOTE: You must have recordings saved in your EKGraph in order to download/sync them to your App.

Syncing Subsequent & Future Recordings

After the first pairing, syncing new recordings are easy.

From the App Home Screen CLICK the Sync button on the top right corner. The EKGraph must be turned on when Syncing data.

Any New Recordings will be downloaded and available within the App.

Viewing an EKG Report

To view an EKG Report / Tracing CLICK on the recording you would like to view from the home screen.

Click on a recording to view details.

After clicking on a recording you will see the EKG tracing and all details. (like the screenshot below)

Viewing an EKG inside the App

Printing an EKG Report

To print an EKG Report click the Print ICON inside the detailed EKG screen.

Your phones native print screen will popup and you will need to select a printer to print the report.

Emailing an EKG Report

Emailing an EKG is as easy as printing a report. The EMAIL icon is located next to the print icon.

CLICK on the email icon to open your phone’s native email client. The EKG report will already be inside the email. Enter the TO email and click send!

Clearing/Deleting EKGs inside the App

To delete recordings inside the SonoHealth app press and swipe a recording to the LEFT.

DELETE button will appear on the right. Click the button to remove that EKG from the app.

Swipe a recording to the LEFT.
Press the DELETE button.

Clearing EKG History on the EKGraph

To clear EKG history stored on the EKGraph device open the SonoHealth app and navigate to MenuSettingsClear Memory

Before pressing the Clear button your EKGraph must be powered on and nearby.

NOTE: EKGraph must be turn on and nearby.

WARNING: This action is irreversible. Once you click the clear button ALL the data on the device will be gone.

Press Clear Memory (EKGraph must be turned on)

This Concludes the EKGraph QuickStart Tutorial!

If you believe you are experiencing a glitch or bug please check our KNOW ISSUES page.

If you have any questions please reach out to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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