1. Powering on your Oximeter

Simply press and hold for 2 seconds a power button. The LCD screen will turn on and the device will be ready to measure your SpO2

If the device doesn’t turn on, please change the battaries. To do this, please put off a back cover, pull out old batteries and insert new. 

  1. Recording first SpO2

Insert the two batteries properly to the direction, put a finger into the rubber cushions of the clip and clip the finger. Do not shake the finger and keep the user in a stable state during the process. Press the power button to exit from the standby mode.The data can be read directly from the screen on the measuring interface. Please note that the fingernail and the luminescent tube should be on the same side.

  1. Installing SonoHealth app

You can install SonoHealth on a Bluetooth enabled iOS or Android device (Phone/Tablet/iPod) Click the appropriate link below to download and install the SonoHealth App.



  1. Pairing&Synching device with an app

Once you downloaded and installed the SonoHealth App, you will need to open the app and click the Sign Up button. Registration is a one time thing but is required. Once registered you will automatically be sent to the device pairing screen. You will have to follow the on screen instructions. 

  • Turn on Bluetooth

  • Choose Connect option if you want to download all recordings from the device

  • Choose Synch option if you want to make a one-time measurement

  1. Viewing oximeter report

To view a report tap on a recording you would like to see and it will open a detailed view.

  1. Printing and sending your report

To print an EKG Report click the Print ICON inside the detailed EKG screen. Your phone's native print screen will popup and you will need to select a printer to print the report.

Emailing an EKG is as easy as printing a report. The EMAIL icon is located next to the print icon. CLICK on the email icon to open your phone's native email client. The EKG report will already be inside the email. Enter the TO email and click send


  1. Deleting or sending multiple reports

To delete or send multiple recordings tap Edit button and choose a recording you’d like to delete, print or send via email

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