EKGraph doesn't turn on, dead battery, power button not working, device not charging

If you are facing difficulties in turning on your EKGraph, here are some useful guidelines: 

1. Begin by charging the device. Please ensure that the charger is connected accurately. The connector has an uneven shape, and you will sense a clicking sound when it's plugged in correctly. The battery icon will appear on the screen while it's being charged. (If this doesn't show up, then most likely the battery is dead.) 

2. Avoid switching on the device while it's still connected to a power source - disconnect and retry. (EKGraph won't switch on when charging; hence, unplug before attempting to power up). 

3. Ensure that you press down firmly enough onto the power button for at least 3-5 seconds until you see light on its display screen appearing. 

4.Try testing out different USB cables or plugging into another outlet/port configuration altogether as an alternative option worth considering!

5. If all else fails, reset the EKGraph by pressing and holding down its power button for ten seconds; this should make a "Version x.xx" screen flash before restarting. 

NOTE: The duration of a single charge varies between 150-300 recordings, depending on usage time. Generally, it can last up to four hours with continuous use and requires two hours or less for a complete recharge. The device comes with both USB and Wall block chargers which can be used for charging purposes. Alternatively, you can also utilize the computer's USB port for recharging; however, we advise against using any other adapter apart from the one provided as our adaptor is designed to charge at an appropriate voltage level preventing battery damage caused by excessive voltage supply.

If these steps don't help fix your issue with powering ON your device please let us know so we can help you right away.


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Modified on: Thu, 13 Apr, 2023 at 4:17 PM